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About Be BOLD Counselling Services

At Be BOLD Counselling Services,Transformation Happens in the lives of our clients through the counselling sessions and the trainings we provide. We believe in empowering our clients by giving them coping mechanisms for life. We help you in getting free from your fears and worries.

Be Bold Counseling services is an Online/Face-to-Face/Tele counseling platform for mental health. We work along with people and provide help in facing life’s challenges by providing quality, discreet, and reasonably priced counseling. We provide individual, couple, and group counseling and also conduct workshops, time to time on various relevant topics. Due to the Online / Tele – Counseling mode available, Be Bold Counseling Services makes professional counseling available without time & place restrictions. We urge you to be bold, be vocal about your issues, and seek help when required. We believe everyone has the right to celebrate their life freely. We have been helping people in doing so successfully, for the last 11 years and counting.

About Our Founder Neha Pandey

Neha Pandey, our Founder is working in the field of Mental Well – being from over 10 years and has catered to many different organizations and individual clients across ages, culture and nationalities.

She is a Counselling Psychologist who did not only her Masters in the same field but also upskilled herself by doing a Post Masters Diploma in Professional Counselling & Psychotherapy. She was also the goodwill ambassador to United Kingdom in 2011 as a RI sponsored candidate. She is an avid reader and continuously updates herself in the field of Mental Health through different learning channels.

She believes, everyone has a spark and together, the client and the counsellor can work on rekindling it. 

“I believe that transformations happen. Worse becomes better and good becomes great” – Neha Pandey

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Be Bold Counselling Services
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Be Bold Counselling Services
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Be Bold Counselling Services
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Be Bold Counselling Services
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    What Our Clients Say

    A big thank you to Dr. Neha who not only helped calm my mind the day I called her but also still holding my hand to pass the bridge of darkness and confusion together with her kind, gentle voice, constant listening ears and her lovely teachings and techniques. Thank you 🙏 for bringing a change in my life.

    K (F)
    28 Years

    I was in college at that time when I sought counselling sessions from Ma'am. I was in pits, surrounded with pain & confusion all over. And now, I am a successful entrepreneur working internationally. But one thing which I do not forget is that Neha Ma'am was the catalyst, otherwise I might have ended my life in that phase. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I wish you all the best and strongly recommend anyone to come to you when they feel overwhelmed and are feeling clueless in their lives.

    Sanket (M)
    37 Years

    Our marriage had small problems but slowly they became really big. Our differences kept on widening and so the impending separation was looming our us now. Love was there but more than love, sorrow and bitterness was all around. Marriage counseling was the last try we gave to ourselves and will never regret that decision. I remember Neha Ma’am, telling us, be bold, open up and talk about your differences, feeling and thoughts. We were scared how will it go but she mediated it so well. I am all gratitude for saving our marriage. Yes, we are still working on it but we are no more on the brink of getting it broken but now we are trying to nurture it. We might drop in again though, if things go hay where again. We are confident, we have a lifetime support in you.

    S & L ( M & F)
    35 & 29 Years

    I am a doctor by profession, always too busy and was dealing with patients while covid was all around. I got positive myself and everything got ruined. First suffering from Covid and now this isolation period made my desperate, depressed and too lonely. Lack of sleep was ruining me too. With a half heart I started my conversation with Ms. Neha and had a faint hope to feel ok. This soon turned out to be quite a healing and positive experience. She spoke to me gently and I was able to vent out everything effectively as if I knew her from long. Ultimately, I have felt not ok but great and feel very happy and light hearted. Thank a lot.

    Dr. P, (M)
    36 Years

    I had burnout in & out and was on a brink to resign from my job. Work life balance was difficult. Just had one session and I am feeling great and feel in control of the situation. Thanks 🙂

    Debo (F)
    32 Years

    My husband and I separated and never suspected that how badly our daughter has got affected from this whole episode until we started getting complaints from school. Desperate times, need desperate measures and so we shun our taboo of speaking about personal problem to a stranger. But it helped us greatly. Our daughter has come close to us now, and in spite of our differences, we have started communicating better as parents. All thanks to her series of both individual and group counseling sessions. It has saved my family and our daughter.

    A (F)
    39 Years


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